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Orthodoxy 101 Begins October 21, 2015

Ancient Mosaic of Jesus Christ

Ancient Mosaic of Jesus Christ

Classes will run for 9 weeks beginning Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Sessions run for 1 hour plus one half hour discussion (or longer if students want to stay). Students should plan on at least an hour for the lecture. Attendance at discussion is optional.

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Required text is “The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity – An Orthodox Catechism” by Dr. Clark Carlton. Please order your copy directly from Amazon (used copies available at good prices).

Students will be required to read about 20-30 pages a week to prepare for class. Please be current in the reading because you will get a lot more out of the class.

The reading may be daunting for some because it contains unfamiliar theological terms. Read through it anyway. Everything will be explained in class and by the time you are done you will understand the Orthodox faith more.

The class is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Orthodox Faith. Inquirers and people interested in Orthodox Christianity are especially invited and welcome to attend.

Download and print the course syllabus and schedule.


Part I The Doctrines of Christ

October 21 – Session 1
Introduction, Symbol of Faith, Chapter 1, Pages 17-53

October 28 – Session 2

Chapter 2, Pages 53-64

November 4 – Session 3
Chapters 3-5, Pages 65-102

November 11 – Session 4
Chapters 6-8, Pages 103-126

November 18 – Session 5

Chapter 9 and Review. Pages 139-152

Part II The Life in Christ

November 25 – Session 6

Chapters 10-11, Pages 153-178

December 2 – Session 7
Chapters 12-14, Pages 179-214

December 9 – Session 8
Chapters 15-16, Pages 215-238

December 16 – Session 9
Chapters 17-Conclusion, Pages 239-277

Download and print the course syllabus and schedule.