St. Peter Newsletter July 7, 2020

St. Paisios of Athos, St. Procopios Divine Liturgy, Covering a Budget Shortfall, Andrews Baby Shower, more…

God Bless America on this July 4, 2020!

Although our country is undergoing severe trials at the moment one important thing to remember is this: All the refugee movements in the past century have aimed for America. America is and has been a magnanimous and generous country, not without some faults but certainly a beacon and place of freedom for millions — including […]

St. Peter Newsletter June 30, 2020

ourth Sunday of Matthew, Divine Liturgies for Sts. Comas and Damianos, St. John Maximovitch, Chanting Course Begins, more…

St. Peter Newsletter June 23, 2020

Third Sunday of Matthew, Nativity of St. John Baptist Divine Liturgy, Sts. Peter and Paul Patronal Feast, Letter from Theo Palis, more…

St. Peter Newsletter Special Edition June 17, 2020

Baby Carmine is Expecting a Sibling and We Are Giving a Shower for Mom!