St. Peter Newsletter December 4, 2018

Conception of the Theotokos by Righteous Anna Consecration of the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem The Conception of the Theotokos by Saint Anna is commemorated by the Orthodox Church on December 9. St. Anna, the mother of the Virgin Mary, was the youngest daughter of the priest Nathan from Bethlehem, descended from the tribe of Levi. She married St. Joachim, who was a native of Galilee. For many years, St. Anna was childless and the couple suffered much reproach for her barrenness. When they were in Jerusalem to offer sacrifice to God, the High Priest, Issachar, upbraided … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter November 27, 2018

The Fourteenth Sunday of Luke The Holy Prophet Habakkuk; Martyr Habib the New; Martyr Myrope of Chios; Venerable John, Heraclemon, Theophilos and Andrew of Egypt; Martyr Stephen Urosh, the Serbian king; Venerable Ioannikios of Devitch Who was the Prophet Habbakuk? This Prophet, whose name means "loving embrace," is eighth in order of the minor Prophets. His homeland and tribe are not recorded in the Divine Scriptures; according to some, he was of the tribe of Symeon. He prophesied in the years of Joachim, who is also called Jechonias, before the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter November 20, 2018

The Thirteenth Sunday of Luke Leave-Taking (Apodosis) of the Entrance of the TheotokosSt. Katherine the Great Who was St. Katherine the Great? Living in the capital—the centre of Hellenistic knowledge—and possessed of an uncommon beauty and intellect, Catherine received a most splendid of educations, having studied the works of the finest philosophers and teachers of antiquity. [...] At this time the emperor Maximian was himself in Alexandria for a pagan feast day. Because of this, the feast was especially splendid and crowded. The cries of the sacrificial … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter November 13, 2018

The Ninth Sunday of Luke Holy Martyr Plato of Ancyra; Martyr Romanos of Antioch; Martyrs Zacchaeus the Deacon and Alphaeos the reader of Caesarea in Palestine Who was St. Plato the Great? The Holy Martyr Plato, brother of the Holy Martyr Antiochus the Physician (July 16), was born in the city of Ancyra in Galatia. While still a youth he left home and went through the cities, preaching the word of God to pagans, amazing his audience with the persuasiveness and beauty of his speech, and his profound knowledge of Greek learning. Because of his preaching he was arrested and … [Read more...]

St. Peter Orthodox Church Newsletter November 6, 2018

The Seventh Sunday of Luke St. Menas of Egypt the Wonderworker Martyrs Victor and Stephanie in Damascus Martyr Vincent of Spain, Venerable Theodore the Studite Blessed Maximos the Fool-for-Christ Martyr Stephen of Dechani, King of Serbia,Stephen Urosh and Princess Milica Martin the Merciful, Bishop of Tours Who was Menas of Egypt the Wonderworker? Saint Menas, who had Egypt as his fatherland, contested in Cotyaeion of Phrygia in 296 during the reign of Diocletian and Maximian. A soldier distinguished for his valour in war, he renounced his rank and withdrew to devote … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter October 30, 2018

The Fifth Sunday of Luke The Venerable Ioanikios the Great of Mount Olympus Hieromartyrs Nicander the Bishop of Myra and Hermias the Priest Martyr Porphyrios of Ephesus Emperor John the Merciful Who was Venerable Ioanikios the Great? Ioannikios was born in the village of Marikata in the province of Bithynia in Asia Minor. He was raised by his father Myritrikios and mother Anastasia as a shepherd. As a young shepherd, Ioannikios often retreated into solitude and prayer while tending his sheep. As an adult he was called to duty as a soldier and served with courage, particularly … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter October 23, 2018

The Seventh Sunday of Luke Martyrs Terence and Neonilla and their Children Venerable Bishop Stephen of Mar Sabbas Monastery in Palestine Athanasios I, Patriarch of Constantinople Venerable Job of Pochaev Who were the Martyrs Terence and Neonilla and their Children? Saint Neonilla was the wife of Saint Terence. They suffered martyrdom with their children Sarbelus, Photius, Theodulus, Hierax, Nita, Vele and Eunice during a persecution of Christianity under the emperor Decius (249-250). They zealously confessed Christ and denounced idolatry. For this the pagans subjected the … [Read more...]

St. Demetrios Divine Liturgy Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 6:30pm

We will commemorate St. Demetrios on the eve of his feast day on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Who Was St. Demetrios? The holy, glorious and right-victorious Great-martyr Demetrios of Thessaloniki the Myrrh-streamer (also Demetrios) is one of the most popular saints in the Orthodox world. He was martyred around the year 306 in Thessalonica, and his cult rapidly grew during the Middle Ages, when he was regarded as the first recognized patron and protector of the city, militarily as well as spiritually. His feast day is celebrated on October 26. The Serbian Orthodox Church commemorates the … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter October 16, 2018

The Sixth Sunday of Luke Venerable Hilarion of Palestine Christodoulos of Patmos the Wonderworker Martyrs Socrates and Theodota at Ancyra Venerable Confessors Vissarion and Sophronios of Ciorara Martyr Oprea of Salistie in Romania Venerable Hilarion of Palestine Saint Hilarion the Great was born in 292 AD at Tabatha, a town near Gaza in Palestine. His family were pagans. He converted to Christianity and was baptized after studying in Alexandria. While he was in Egypt he became a disciple of St. Anthony the Great, an event which inspired him to devote himself entirely to … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter October 9, 2018

The Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council Fourth Sunday of Luke Martyrs Nazarius, Gervasius, Protasius and Celsus of Milan Cosmas the Hymnographer, Bishop of Maïuma Venerable Paraskeva of the New of Thrace On Sunday the Church remembers the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council under the holy Patriarch Tarasius. The Synod of 787, the second to meet at Nicea, refuted the Iconoclast heresy during the reign of Empress Irene and her son Constantine VI. The Council decreed that the veneration of icons was not idolatry (Exodus 20:4-5), because the honor … [Read more...]