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St. Peter Newsletter February 23, 2021

Sunday of the Prodigal Son, Mission Center Presentation on Sunday, Cafe of Life Ministry to the Poor, Piano for Sale, more…

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St Peter Newsletter February 15, 2012

The Publican and the Pharisee

Seventeenth Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee Venerable Timothy of Symbola; Eustathios, Archbishop of … [Read More...]

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St. Peter Newsletter February 9, 2021

New Martyr George the Tailor

Seventeenth Sunday after PentecostSeventeenth Sunday of Matthew Venerable Auxentios the priest of Bithynia; … [More...]

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St. Peter Newsletter February 2, 2021

Presentation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Temple

Sixteenth Sunday after PentecostSixteenth Sunday of Matthew After-feast of the Presentation (Meeting) of … [More...]