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Presentation of IOTA Conference at St. Peter’s

Orthodox Christian Laity will be offering a presentation on the recent conference held in Romania … [More...]

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St. Peter Newsletter March 18, 2019

St. Gregory Palamas, Abp. Of Thessaloniki

Second Sunday of Great Lent St. Gregory Palamas Venerable Zachariah the Recluse and Artemon, Bishop of … [More...]

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St. Peter Newsletter March 12, 2019

First Sunday of Great Lent The Triumph of Orthodoxy Venerable Alexios the 'Man of God;' Patrick, bishop of … [More...]

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St. Peter Newsletter March 5, 2019

The Sunday of Forgiveness

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the GardenSunday of Forgiveness (Cheese Fare) Martyr Kodratos of Corinth … [More...]

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