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Miracle Working Icon Coming to St. Paul Orthodox Church in Naples

St. Paul’s Orthodox Church (get map), the sister parish of St. Peter’s, will host the Myrrh Streaming and Miracle Working Icon of the Theotokos on October 19, 2018 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.

From Fr. Paul Girgis in the St. Paul Newsletter:

Myrrh Streaming and Miracle Working Icon of the Theotokos

Unworthy though we be, our Lord has found it most fitting that our parish receive the great blessing of welcoming Hawaii’s Miraculous Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the Theotokos to Naples for the first time.

We will pray a simple but beautiful service of supplication and have the opportunity to venerate the icon of the Mother of God, offer prayers, and be anointed with her fragrant, and miraculous, myrrh as it literally streams-forth in our midst.

Since June of 2008, She has been to over 1000 churches in North America of all (canonical) jurisdictions, and has been venerated by an estimated one million people throughout the United States and canada. In many cities, the holy Icon is taken from one parish to another, being venerated by all the Orthodox clergy, and helping to establish and heal relationships amongst the Orthodox faithful, and also strengthening and fostering ties between the sister parishes.

Requests have now been made for the Wonderworking Icon to be brought to Russia, the Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, South America, Europe, the Holy Land, Romania, Mount Athos, and Serbia. When the Holy Icon was taken to the Republic of Georgia in 2014 at the request of the Catholicos-Patriarch ILIA II of Georgia, over a million faithful came to venerate the “Panagia of Hawaii.” A number of miracles, including the healing of cancer, were reported to the Georgian Patriarchate.

Source: OCN

The entire community, Christian or not, adults or children, healthy or infirm, are encouraged to come and be partakers of this tangibly spiritual event – do not miss this!

For more information visit these websites:

The icon is also known as the Panagia Portaitissa (“She who resides by the door” or “Keeper of the gate”).

A brief history about the icon:

During the month of October in the year 2007, a great miracle occurred in the State of Hawaii when the Miracleworking and Myrrh-streaming “Hawaiian” Iveron Icon of the Theotokos began streaming myrrh in the home of an Orthodox Christian couple in Honolulu.

The Iveron Icon, a small mounted print, (a copy of the Montreal Iveron Icon), originally purchased at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral’s small church kiosk in Toronto by Rev. Anatole V. Lyovin, was given to the Reader Nectarios in Hawaii as a gift for the aforementioned name’s day. This Icon was in the Reader’s possession for eight years before it, along with a small hand-painted cross, began exuding a fragrant oil-like substance traditionally referred to as “myrrh” by the Orthodox Church. It was decided by Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco that this Icon of the Mother of God was to be taken to the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco where it underwent tests and was carefully examined by the Archbishop and a commission of priests to verify the Icon’s miraculous attributes.

In June of 2008, the “Hawaiian” Iveron Icon of the Mother of God was declared to be a genuine and miraculous Icon, which was in fact exuding myrrh on a continuing basis. It was decided by Episcopal proclamation (Ukaz) that the Reader Nectarios, the Icon’s original owner, be “Her” guardian and was to take the Icon to the various churches and monasteries of Holy Orthodoxy, in effect, to provide for the veneration of all Orthodox Christians.

Since that time, the Miracle-working Icon has visited over 350 churches and monasteries in North America, and has been venerated by over a quarter of a million people. The holy Icon has been a constant source of a growing number of miraculous occurrences, including the healing of cancer, blindness, demonic possession, and various types of physical and spiritual infirmities. People have felt a deep spiritual connection to this Icon, even spending hours on end simply standing before “Her”, and watching the myrrh flow from the hands and stars on the image.

Source: orthodoxwiki.