St. Peter Newsletter September 15, 2020

Sunday After the Elevation of the Cross, St. Euphemia Liturgy on Wednesday, Miracles at St. Peter and St. Paul, Catechumen Class begins,…more

St. Peter Newsletter September 8, 2020

Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross, Nativity of the Theotokos, Joachim and Anna, DOMSE Virtual Retreat, Intro to Orthodoxy Update, more…

St. Peter Newsletter September 1, 2020

Thirteenth Sunday of Matthew, Miracle of Archangel Michael, St. Symeon the Stylite, Start of the New Year, Sts. Zecharia and Elizabeth, Intro to Orthodoxy Classes, more…

Michael Kyritsis — May His Memory Be Eternal

With sadness we announce the passing of Michael Kyritsis, Father-in-law of Zannos Grekos, Grandfather to the Grekos children, and dear friend of many. Michael passed away on Saturday morning, August 29, 2020. Michael was a friend of St. Peter’s who would attend frequently before failing health limited his mobility. He particularly enjoyed our social events […]

St. Peter Newsletter August 24, 2020

Twelfth Sunday of Mattew, St. Phanourios Divine Liturgy, Beheading of St. the Baptist Divine Liturgy, Introduction to Orthodoxy Classes, New Business: Grout Like New, more…