St. Peter Newsletter June 18, 2019

Sunday of All Saints, Bp. Nicholas celebrates Sts. Peter and Paul Liturgy at St. Peter’s, Wisdom from the Elders, Upcoming Liturgies…more

St. Peter Newsletter June 11, 2019

Pentecost, Father’s Day Barbecue, Fr. Hans Out of Town, Wisdom from the Elders, more…

St. Peter Newsletter June 5, 2019

Sunday of the Nicene Fathers, Ascension Liturgy, Community Luncheon, Fr. Hans out of Town, more…

St. Peter Newsletter May 28, 2019

Sunday of the Blind Man, Ascension Divine Liturgy, Community Luncheon, Fr. Hans out of Town…more

St. Peter Newsletter May 21, 2019

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, Ascension Divine Liturgy Community Luncheon Thursday, Bible Studies, Pledge Report, more…