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St. Peter Newsletter — April 26, 2009

Christ is Risen! Christos Anesti! El Messieh Kahm! Christos Voskress! Krishhti Unjall! Hristus A Inviat! Christus is opgestaan!

Christ is Risen!

Our first Divine Liturgy will be held next Sunday at the Holiday Inn on I-75 and Alico Road beginning at 9:30am. We hope you will be there. We've been busy preparing. Our first Liturgy will be simple and develop from there. Christ, however, will be with us.

What is our vision? First of all to shape a fellowship where Christ can be found. If we love one another, we love God, St. John tells us. The opposite is also true: If we love God then we love one another. What does this mean in practical terms? That we treat one another with simple decency and respect, and that we welcome the newcomer and make him feel at home.

I know in my heart that St. Peter Orthodox Mission will prosper. How do I know? I've seen over and over again that when the Gospel is preached, and when people attempt to live an authentic life with Christ, Christ Himself brings people who are searching for Him. People need other people to find Christ. And there are a lot of people looking for Christ who don't know how to find Him. If we commit ourselves to Him, He will bring those who are seeking Him to us.

St. Peter will be open to anyone who wants to find God. Two principles that can guide us are these: 1) God does not expect us to be perfect, only faithful; and 2) God doesn't care where we have come from, only where we are going.

We will learn as we go. We will probably make some mistakes along the way. The first few months might be a bit uncertain, but we will persevere, learn, and be faithful. In due course and in due time, we will see the Lord bless our efforts. St. Peter will grow and become a home for us and for others whom God will choose to bring along.

What can you do? First of all, pray. Second, support the Mission. Third, tell everyone you know the Mission is starting. Forward this email to your friends who you think would be interested and ask them to join the mailing list on our website. Of course I am easily reached either through my cellphone (239-248-4775) or through email (use the website).

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we are on our way. May God bless you. Christ is Risen!

Fr. Hans