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St. Peter News July 20, 2012

Sts. Joachim and Anna

Dormition of Righteous Anna, Mother of the Theotokos
Fifth Sunday of Matthew

Dormition of St. Anna, Mother of the Theotokos, Olympias the Deaconess, Eupraxia and Julia the Righteous of Tabenna, Gregory Kallidis, Metropolitan of Heraclea, Memory of the Fifth Ecumenical Council in Constantinople (553)

Sts. Joachim and Anna, Parents of the the Theotokos

Sts. Joachim and Anna, Parents of the the Theotokos

Saint Anna was the daughter of the priest Matthan and his wife Mary. She was of the tribe of Levi and the lineage of Aaron. According to Tradition, she died peacefully in Jerusalem at age 79, before the Annunciation to the Most Holy Theotokos.

During the reign of Saint Justinian the Emperor (527-565), a church was built in her honor at Deutera. Emperor Justinian II (685-695; 705-711) restored her church, since Saint Anna had appeared to his pregnant wife. It was at this time that her body and maphorion (veil) were transferred to Constantinople.

Portions of Saint Anna’s holy relics may be found on Mount Athos: Stavronikita Monastery (part of her left hand), Saint Anna’s Skete (part of her incorrupt left foot), Koutloumousiou Monastery (part of her incorrupt right foot). Fragments of her relics may also be found in her Monastery at Lygaria, Lamia, and in the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian at Sourota. Part of the saint’s incorrupt flesh is in the collection of Saints’ relics of the International Catholic Crusaders. The church of Saint Paul Outside the Walls in Rome has one of the saint’s wrists.

Saint Anna is also commemorated on September 9.

Source: Orthodox Church in America website.


Services This Week

  • Sun Jul 18 — FATHERS OF THE FOURTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL Divine Liturgy – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Mon Jul 19 – Thu Jul 22 — Fr. Hans out of Town

Services Next Week

  • Sun Jul 25 — DORMITION OF ST ANNA Divine Liturgy – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Fri Jul 30 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 9:30am LIVE STREAM

Fr. Hans Out of Town Monday July 19 to Thursday July 22, 2021

Fr. Hans out of town

He will be attending the First Things Foundation Summit in Greenville, SC. For pastoral emergencies please contact Fr. Paul Girgis at 509-845-4540.


Fr. Joseph Shaheen Honored at St. Peter’s Sunday, July 25, 2021

Fr. Joseph Shaheen

Following the Divine Liturgy on Sunday July 25, 2021, St. Peter’s will honor Fr. Joseph Shaheen, the retired priest of St. Paul’s Antiochian Church in Naples, FL. Following the presentation, a luncheon will be held in his honor in the Social Hall.

Fr. Joe has a rich, illustrious, and respected history as a priest, and was an important contributor to the work of the Antiochian Church in its early days in America. We look forward to hearing some of his story.

Also honored with be Presbytera Diane who stood by Fr. Joe’s side and was an important co-laborer in his work.


Progress Continues at St. Peter’s

Painting the Church

Over the last few weeks we have:

  • Installed new gutters
  • Added glass tops to the Proskomedi table, icon shelves, kovouklion, conference room table
  • Installed hangers for altar server cassocks
  • Repaired front entrance door
  • Replaced the broken exterior window in the sanctuary
  • Completed all exterior painting
  • Completed hurricane protection upgrades
  • Restored the backs of the pews that were damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Installed LED lights under the soffits on the exterior of the Church

What’s coming up?

  • Installing altar ceiling lights (complete upgrade with new lighting)
  • Installing new window treatments (white) in sanctuary
  • Installing wall length candle stand in the narthex
  • Adding table cloths to the proskomedi table
  • Complete the mulching of public areas

What about the landscaping?

We will perform a general cleanup followed by a landscaping redo in the fall months when the weather is cooler. Sprinking and irrigation has already been upgraded and repaired. Next comes a plan and then a work day (a lot like our moving day) when we will need extra hands in order to knock out the landscape upgrade in one day. Stay tuned.

Think of all the repairs, upgrades, and construction done in the last three months alone. It is astounding what has been accomplished both in the volume of the work and the quality that was achieved.


Sunday School Registration and the Blessing of the Children on Sunday, August 8, 2021

Blessing the children

Mark you calendars for Sunday, August 8, 2021. Following the Divine Liturgy we will bless all Sunday School and regular school students.

Also, we need to update our Sunday School roster. We will also hold registration for Sunday School on that date in the social hall.

Bring your children!


Dormition of the Theotokos Celebration on Sunday August 15, 2021

Dormition of the Theotokos

This year the Dormition of the Theotokos falls on a Sunday. Following the Divine Liturgy we will hold a celebration cook-out during Social Hall breaking the Dormition Fast (no meat through August 1-15) and honoring the Mother of God.

Paraklesis to the Theotokos Offered during the First Two Weeks of August

During the first fifteen days of August, Paraklesis to the Theotokos services will be offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings starting at 6:30. The services lasts about 45-50 minutes. Plan on attending.

Bring the names of those for whom you want prayers. Supplications offered to the Theotokos are powerful during this period.


New Procedures for Hospitality

New procedures for coffee hour

Our Church is growing and the old ways have to become new ways so that things run smoothly.

First of all, thumbs up to our July volunteers: Barbara Dionysopoulos, Marianthi Kazakos, Niki and Ray Locklear, Maria Mourgis, and Carol Palantine. Thank you and thank you again!

Thank you to Tom and Marlene Haley who organize everything. They do a great job!


  1. On most Sundays we will serve lighter refreshments like coffee, sweets, hummus, olives, feta, pita and similar items. Please continue bringing these items. Even though we have a range (unlike our former facility), we appreciate items that are “ready to be served.”
  2. Please do not donate coffee. We have a space age coffee brewer that we aquired at no cost if we buy our coffee from one supplier. If you bring in coffee, we can’t use it.
  3. We cannot continue preparing meals for Memorials, Name Days, Anniversaries, and other celebrations. We don’t have the appliances or manpower to do it well. We do, however, have the name of two catering companies that can prepare and deliver the food if you would like to sponsor a celebration. Please call Tom Haley at 239-887-0753 for details and to make arrangements.
  4. If you would like to bring in your own prepared food, please contact Tom Haley at 239-887-0753 by the Friday before the upcoming Sunday. That way we know not to prepare any food for Sunday.

Thank you and let’s BREAK BREAD!


WOMEN’S BOOK STUDY This Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 6:00pm

Fr. Arseny

The Women’s Book Study meets in the Social Hall. The book we will study is Fr. Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father. Fr. Arseny was a prisoner in a Soviet Gulag and ministered to many prisoners. His story is gripping, compelling, and shows how God worked even in the Gulag through a faithful priest.

Cafe of Life Ministry Update

Cafe of Life

Wanted…Monthly sponsors or ongoing donors to help sustain St. Peter’s commitment in making sandwiches for the hungry and homeless at the Cafe of life. These are challenging times and your donation is especially needed to support our local community. As Orthodox Christians it is our duty to help them. Your tax deductible donation in cash or check can be given to Father Hans. No amount is too little for this important mission.

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to do it,” Proverb 3:27.

Thank you, God bless and IC XC NI KA!


The Safest Way to Come to Church

US 41 is a busy highway and the intersection at Hickory Drive does not have a stop light. We recommend turning on Sanibel Boulevard and following Coconut Road instead.

Driving Safely

Pledge & Income Report – June 2021

Donations received in June: $17,697.
Amount of money needed to cover expenses: $22,760.21.
We are behind by $5, 063.

These numbers reflect the operating costs of the the Hickory Drive property.

Please note:Summer months are always lean and in June we fell behind by $5,063. Please remember to send in your pledge so we can make up the deficit and keep St. Peter’s on a secure financial footing.

Don't forget your pledge!

St. Peter Orthodox Church
7470 Hickory Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33967


You can also donate online:


Calendar At A Glance

Calendar also available on the St. Peter website.


  • Sun Jul 18 — FATHERS OF THE FOURTH ECUMENICAL COUNCIL Divine Liturgy – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Mon Jul 19 – Thu Jul 22 — Fr. Hans out of Town
  • Sun Jul 25 — DORMITION OF ST ANNA Divine Liturgy – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Fri Jul 30 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 9:30am LIVE STREAM


DORMITION Fasting Period from August 1 to August 15, 2021.

  • Sun Aug 01 — SUNDAY DIVINE LITURGY – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Mon Aug 02 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Wed Aug 04 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Fri Aug 06 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Sun Aug 08 — SUNDAY DIVINE LITURGY – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Sun Aug 08 — Blessing of the Children
  • Mon Aug 09 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Wed Aug 11 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Fri Aug 13 — ST. MAXIMOS THE CONFESSOR Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Fri Aug 13 — Paraklesis to the Theotokos 6:30pm LIVE STREAM
  • Sun Aug 15 — DORMITION OF THE THEOTOKOS Divine Liturgy – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Aug 16 – Sep 1 — Fr. Hans on Vacation
  • Sun Aug 22 — SUNDAY DIVINE LITURGY – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Aug 16 – Sep 1 — Fr. Hans on Vacation
  • Sun Aug 29 — SUNDAY DIVINE LITURGY – Orthros 8:30am Divine Liturgy 9:30am LIVE STREAM
  • Aug 16 – Sep 1 — Fr. Hans on Vacation

Wisdom From The Elders

Psalmody calms the passions and curbs the uncontrolled impulses in the body; and prayer enables the intellect to activate its own energy. Evagrios the Solitary

What does my experience tell me when I am the prisoner of sin? I am tormented sometimes the whole day, and cannot turn to God with my whole heart, because sin hardens my heart, making God’s mercy inaccessible to me. I burn in the fire, and willingly remain in it, because sin has bound my powers, and I—like one inwardly chained—am unable to turn to God until He, seeing my helplessness, my humility, and my tears, takes pity on me and bestows His grace upon me. Righteous John, Wonderworker of Kronstadt

The majority of people have religious feelings, although they are suppressed, they are still active, glinting like a small spark deep in the recesses of the soul. Even if these feelings are hidden, they inspire one towards moral actions, and the person does good, stimulated by these inner feelings, sometimes subconsciously, not fully recognizing the fact. Archbishop Averky (Taushev)

Fasts and vigils, the study of Scripture, renouncing possessions and everything worldly are not in themselves perfection, as we have said; they are its tools. For perfection is not to be found in them; it is acquired through them. It is useless, therefore, to boast of our fasting, vigils, poverty, and reading of Scripture when we have not achieved the love of God and our fellow men. Whoever has achieved love has God within himself and his intellect is always with God. St. John Cassian

Humility is hard to acquire, and the deeper it is, the greater the struggle needed to gain it. St. Diadochus, bishop of Photike in Epirus

The spiritual person is transformed for the better by the Saint, and is not irritated by the carnal person. He sees a carnal person and feels pain for him, but suffers no harm. Another person who is in a moderate state of spirituality is transformed for the better by a truly spiritual person; however, he is also transformed by a carnal person, but this time toward evil. A carnal person cannot distinguish a saint and is provoked by another carnal person. And while the possessed sees the saint and flees, the carnal person approaches a saint in order to tempt him and to scandalize him. Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

Remember in Your Prayers

  • Names will remain on the list for two months.
  • If you would like to keep them on longer please mention it to Fr. Hans. We will keep the names on the list for as long as the person needs prayers.
  • Names will include the person who requested the prayers and the month the name will be removed.
  • The permanent list includes friends and members of St. Peter’s and others including shut-ins.

Were names dropped that should have remained? Please mention it to Fr. Hans. He will add them back.

Updated June 13 / Resets August

Current Prayer List

David (Duskas 9/21)
Mike (Duskas 9/21)
Georgia D. (Repya 10/21)
Colleen R. (Repya 10/21)
Debbie (Breitenbach 9/21)
Anne (Breitenbach 9/21)
Patricia (Tsikita 9/21)
Robert (Tewis 9/21)
Lydia (Irena 9/21)
Lee (Irena 9/21)
Demetrios (Karras 8/21)
Leah (Brubaker 7/21)
Elena (Brubaker 7/21)
George III (Ghanem 7/21)
Kristin (Ghanem 7/21)
Nora (Ghanem 7/21)
George IV (Ghanem 7/21)
Lena (Ghanem 7/21)
Barbara (Dusckas 7/21)
Georgia (Jacobse 6/21)
Jean (Wolffe 6/21)
Robin (Wolffe 6/21)

Permanent Prayer List

Gabriel (Mankus)
Baby Dani (Repya)
Maria and her unborn child Iakovos (Diveris)
Sophia (D. Constantine)
Herman (Kerr)
Innocent (Kerr)
Nicholas (Kerr)
Paola (Jacobse)
Gregory (Yankopolos)
Soterios (Ninos)
Pauline (Poulos)
Sergio (Kazakos)
Rae (Semeretis)
Fran (Hansen)
Nina (Krotov)
Franklin (Pyrrson)
George (Chionis)
Stamatia (Evelyn)
Demetrios (Kuchera)
Theodosios (Palis)
Theodora (Webb)
Helen (Rogers)
Robert (Smith)
Robert (Jarvis)
Presbytera Rosy (in Pakistan)
James (Hord)
Ann (Rellis)
Vassiliki (Kontinos)
Vassiliki (Morekeas)

Founders, Members, and Benefactors Departed this Life

John (Hansen)
Anatoly (Kurdsjuk)
Thareni (Brooks)
Milan Evanoff
Jean (Sam)
Eleni (Pearson)
Richard (Pearson)
Fr. Stephanos (Shagoury)
Panagiota (Bea Chionis)
Anthony (Mourgis)
Anthony (Mankus)
Constantine (Houpis)
Constantine (Joseph)
Mary (Jarvis)
Panagiota Margarita (Palis)
Maria (Ninos)
John (Katsigianopoulos)
George (Chionis)
Gregory (Pappas)
Angela (Coran K)

How should we pray for the sick? Remember them daily. Say their names (first names are sufficient) and ask God to bestow mercy and grace on them.

Add or remove names and print this list for easy reference during your prayer time on the St. Peter website.


Sunday Readings

Search the Scriptures


For the Dormition of St. Anna

God is wondrous in His saints.
In the churches, bless ye God.

The Reading from the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians. (4:22-27)

Brethren, Abraham had two sons, one by the handmaid, and one by the freewoman. But the one from the handmaid is born according to the flesh; whereas the one from the freewoman is through the promise. These things are an allegory, for these women are two covenants. One is from Mount Sinai, bearing children for bondage, which is Hagar. For Sinai, which corresponds to Hagar, is a mountain in Arabia, and resembles the present Jerusalem, for she is in bondage with her children. But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is the mother of us all. For it is written, “Rejoice, O barren one who does not bear; break forth and cry out, you who are not in travail: For many are the children of the desolate, much more than of her who has a husband.”


For the Fifth Sunday of Matthew

The Reading from the Holy Gospel according to St. Matthew. (8:28-9:1)

At that time, when Jesus came to the country of the Gergesenes, two demoniacs met Him, coming out of the tombs, so fierce that no one could pass that way. And behold, they cried out, “What have we to do to Thee, O Son of God? Art Thou come here to torment us before the time?” Now a herd of many swine was feeding at some distance from them. And the demons begged Him, “If Thou castest us out, send us away into the herd of swine.” And He said to them, “Go.”

So they came out and went into the swine; and behold, the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and perished in the waters. The herdsmen fled, and going into the city they told everything, and what had happened to the demoniacs. And behold, all the city came out to meet Jesus; and when they saw Him, they begged Him to leave their neighborhood. And getting into a boat He crossed over and came to His own city.

St. Peter Orthodox Church