Parish Christmas Card, 55 Maxims for Christian Living, New Video Series

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The Nativity of Christ

Every year we send out a parish Christmas Card.

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New Videos Posted on Website

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“Welcome to the Orthodox Church!” is a new video series by Frederica Mathewes-Green that feature short and simple answers to questions about the Orthodox Church.

You can check them out on the St. Peter’s website.

Learn about Orthodox teachings and dogma, Orthodox architecture and terminology, and what it means to live an Orthodox life.

These videos are based off of Frederica’s new book, “Welcome to the Orthodox Church” (click to order from Amazon).

55 Maxims for Christian Living

55 Maxims by Fr. Thomas Hopko

Read some practical and concise and penetrating wisdom for living life in ways that make life better and make us stronger.

View them on the St. Peter website. Consider printing and posting them as a daily reminder and encouragement.