How to Read the Bible

Ten Principles of Orthodox Scriptural Exegesis Adapted from Bishop MICHAEL (Dahulich) Christ – God is real and is incarnate in Jesus Christ; He is the Key to the Scriptures. Life – One’s ability to interpret depends upon one’s spiritual state; one must live it in order to fully understand it. A Love Letter – We […]

Saints for Various Needs

“We should seek the intercessions and the fervent prayers of the saints, because they have special ‘boldness’ (parresia), before God.” Saint John Chrysostom THROUGH THEIR INTERCESSIONS . . . The Orthodox Church is a living and vibrant community of faithful Christians made up of the members of the Church militant and the church triumphant. The […]

St. Basil the Great, Archbishop of Cæsarea in Cappadocia

Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia, “belongs not to the Church of Caesarea alone, nor merely to his own time, nor was he of benefit only to his own kinsmen, but rather to all lands and cities worldwide, and to all people he brought and still brings benefit, and for Christians he […]

The Making of Christ Pulling Peter from the Water

Source: Orthodox Arts Journal By Jonathan Pageau Since I began icon carving full time 4 years ago now, I had a secret list of the things I wanted to make, certain objects and images that were dear to me.  To my own joy and surprise, I have been progressively checking off items from that list with […]

Recipe for Phanouropita

Everyone loved Fr. Stephanos’ phanouropita so we published the recipe below! St. Phanourios is a saint who helps us in difficult situations including finding lost things, employment troubles, a saint to go to when we need something we do not have. When he answers the custom is to bake a cake in gratitude and thanksgiving […]