Share the Vision! St. Peter’s Capital Campaign for a New Church


The Vision of St. Peter’s

Those who attend St. Peter’s regularly have seen our growth, felt the constriction of too many people in too little space, and realized that it is time to look for another site.

Why has St. Peter’s grown? Why will it continue to grow? The main reason is that we have remained true to our founding vision: St. Peter’s is a church where one can encounter Christ and the place where those who seek Christ within our Orthodox faith can find their home.

Throughout the past eight years that initial vision has been corroborated by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The people he has brought to us are the testimony and proof that the vision comes from Him. We are laborers in His vineyard and we rejoice and are grateful to God for the people He brought to us.

It’s time to expand. Our work so far has been blessed but there is much more work to be done and to accomplish that we need a larger facility. That’s why we are embarking on the St. Peter Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds to achieve our growth.

St. Paul says we are co-laborers with Christ. This means that when we faithfully and authentically labor for the Church we also labor alongside and with Him. Our salvation is tied into the love of our neighbor, of our brothers and sisters in Christ who work and worship together with us. In taking care of each other we experience and actualize Christ’s redemptive work within ourselves.

That’s why St. Peter’s has flourished.

Moving to a larger facility will enable St. Peter’s to flourish even more. The occasions for our own redemption in Christ will increase, and the people that He will send our way will increase as well. The initial vision is as true today as when we first began.

My beloved brothers and sisters of St. Peter’s. Do you see how blessed we are, how faith in Christ is made real is our parish, how the Lord hears our prayers and answers them? In return He asks us to take care of each other, and take special care of those He brings to us.

An Interior View of the New Church

Interior of the new church

Interior of the new church

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Interior of the new church

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The property contains an existing Church and Social Hall located on five acres. It is situated in the northern part of Estero, half-way between Fort Myers and Naples. This area is ground zero for future growth according to demographic experts and we have already seen our congregation grow by people coming into the Orthodox faith as well as Orthodox Christians locating into the area.

God willing, one day we may be able to build a new Orthodox Church on the five acres and convert the present sanctuary into another use. Presently the existing facility will meet our needs well. We can accommodate our growth, the building has administrative and Sunday School areas, and plenty of parking.

How Can I Help?

We want to raise at least $1 Million. We can do it. In fact, we will do it because the Lord is with us.

Take a look at the letter and contribution form from our Parish Priest Fr. Hans Jacobse and our Parish Council Co-President John Simon. Then please consider your contribution and pledge.

“Why the legalese?” you might ask. Only because the bank requires it, nothing more. We are on a tight schedule unfortunately because our lease is up for renewal early next year and the market it moving. Now is the time we have to act.