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What in the World is Orthodox Christianity?
What Does “Orthodox” Mean?
First Visit to an Orthodox Church: Twelve Things I Wish I Would Have Known

Beauty Will Save the World

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O Pure Virgin


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These Truths We Hold

A cultural tradition is not an abstract reconstruction, but those truths, values and behavior commonly practiced, observed, held and understood by one generation and passed on to the next. There is a pattern of customary beliefs, a way of doing and explaining things, that is observably the faith of our fathers, passed on to us as those truths we hold.

The compilation of this book is an effort to gather from an on-going tradition of piety that which is traditional, for many, reinforceing the familiar – but equally beneficial, familiarizing many with an Orthodox continuity of things commonly observed.

The above articles on the Orthodox faith are from the book, These Truths We Hold – The Holy Orthodox Church: Her Life and Teachings, published by and available from Saint Tikhon’s Seminary Press.