St. Peter’s Move-In Wish List

We are well on our way to establishing St. Peter’s in our new location. Below are items we need to function well in our new space. You can see that some significant items have already been donated (scroll down).

Our biggest item is the new carpeting. The old carpet was worn and dirty. Cleaning it would not improve it. The cost for the carpet is $6000. Donations to offset the cost is certainly appreciated! You can follow the progress in the thermometer on the right.

To make a full or partial donation for any item, either mention it to any Parish Council member or Fr. Hans. You can also indicate your preference by email in the form under the thermometer. We will mark the item as pending (or indicate how much is left to donate on the item) and remove it from the list once we receive your check.

Carpet Fund

Items Needed Cost Notes
Carpet $6000 Donated: $500
Painting $1200
New Door (Per Fire Marshall) $2,200
Two Windows (Cry Room & Office) $500
1 – 5ft Folding Table-adjustable $50
Proskimidi Cabinet $200
32 Gal Waste Container on wheels $25
Water Pitchers, Waste baskets, Misc. $30
Electric Hot Water Pot $35
Scotch Guard for Chairs $50
Window Solar/Privacy Film $825
Buffet/Server $235
Serving Cart $165
36 Banquet Chairs @ $22.ea. $800
Childrens table & Chairs for Cry Rm $160
1 Commercial Door Mat 45″x69″ $173
Office Furniture incl. File cabinets TBA
Signage-Marque and Door TBA
Initial Supplies $250

Indicate Your Donation Preference by Email

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Items Already Donated
60 Church Chairs
10 C Refrigerator
2 Coffee Urns
Sample Chair
Music Podium for Choir Director
Closet/Wardrobe (2 purchased)
Cabinet/hutch for Book Store items
4 – 5ft Tables for Coffee Hour
Desk Chair
Narthex Cabinet