A Prayer in Time of Trouble

O God, You are our help and assistance, who is just and merciful, and who hears the supplications of Your people; look down upon me, a sinner, have mercy upon me, and deliver me from this trouble that besets me. I acknowledge and believe, O Lord, that all trials of this life are given by […]

Tender Love and the Dormition

Imagine the blessed Theotokos in old age being cared for by St. John the Evangelist. That is the image Frederica beautifully portrays for us in today’s podcast for the Feast of the Dormition. Read more of her thoughts on the Virgin Mary in her newest book The Lost Gospel of Mary. Listen here: [Audio clip: […]

“It is Truly Meet…” Sung in an American Style

The monks at St. John Monastery in California released this Hymn to the Theotokos a while back sung in an American idiom. They want to see how the Byzantine hymns could be sung in a way true to their musical meaning yet incorporating the tones and cadences that are unique to America and define our […]

Fr. Hans speaks about the “New Atheists” on ‘Ancient Faith Today’ [AUDIO]

The “New Atheists” -Fr. Hans is involved in a live, call-in program on Ancient Faith Radio that deals with contemporary issues. From the ‘Ancient Faith Today’ site: Ancient Faith Today is what Ancient Faith Radio and Orthodox Internet radio have been missing—a live inter-active conversation program. Now that void has been filled! Ancient Faith Today […]

Catholic Online and the Acton Insitute Publishes Fr. Hans’ Essay

Last week I mentioned an essay I wrote that would be published soon. It was first published on the Acton Institute website and then picked up by Catholic Online. The essay follows. With the Rise of Militant Secularism, Rome and Moscow Make Common Cause The Acton Institute just published my essay. Source: Acton Institute | […]