On the Day of Christ’s Baptism — Part 1

by St. John Chrysostom Our father among the saints John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, was a notable Christian bishop and preacher from the fourth and fifth centuries in Syria and Constantinople. He is famous for eloquence in public speaking and his denunciation of abuse of authority in the Church and in the Roman Empire of […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas

In the Christian tradition of both east and west, the twelve days of Christmas refer to the period from Christmas Day to Theophany. The days leading up to Christmas were for preparation; a practice affirmed in the Orthodox tradition by the Christmas fast that runs from November 15 to Christmas day. The celebration of Christmas […]

The Proskomide — Service of Preparation of the Holy Gifts

Long before most people arrive at Church, the priest prepares the Holy Gifts (the bread and wine that will be consecrated into the body and blood of Christ) in a small service called the Proskomedi. He cuts pieces of a loaf of bread called the prosphora (“before the gifts”) and places them on dish called […]

Christianity Without Pentecost

What happens when Orthodox Christian experience Ascension, but not Pentecost? by: Fr. Josiah Trenham The last ten days in the Church have been unusual. In some sense we have been living between two realities. On the leave-taking of Pascha we ceased the sustained celebration of the Holy Resurrection of the Lord as well as our […]

The Christians of Dachau

By Fr. Hans Jacobse Pascha, 2009 Every Pascha, I repost two stories on OrthodoxyToday.org. that tell how Orthodox prisoners in Dachau held the Paschal Liturgy during their liberation. The first, “The Souls of All are Aflame” provides historical background and detail. The second, “Pascha in Dachau” recounts the story of a prisoner who was there. […]