Fr. Thomas Hopko: Anxiety and Worry [AUDIO]

Everyone at one time or another has been fearful. But how do we deal with unhealthy anxiety and fear? Fr. Tom looks at this problem in light of Holy Scripture. Listen here: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Fr. Peter Preble interviews Fr. Hans Jacobse on the Mosque at Ground Zero [AUDIO]

Fr. Peter-Michael Preble interviewed me (more of a running conversation actually) about the building of the mosque at Ground Zero after my article was published on Catholic Online. In it I discuss some of the ideas that inform the argument I made in the article. Fr. Peter blogs at Shepherd of Souls, and Fr. Peter-Michael […]

Sunday of Orthodoxy Sermon

February 21, 2010 On this day we celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy, the commemoration of the defeat of the heresy of iconoclasm. The word “heresy,” as we know, means “false teaching” and the false teaching that was finally vanquished was iconoclasm. “Iconclast” comes from the Greek work that means “icon-breaker.” The iconoclasts were those who […]

Fr. Hans interviewed on Ancient Faith Radio [AUDIO]

Recently, Fr. Hans was interviewed by Fr. Peter Preble, host of the Shepherd of Souls internet radio program on Ancient Faith Radio. He talked about the Ecumenical Patriarchate including how the Patriarch differs from the Pope, his role in world Orthodoxy, and more. Go to the

On The Day of Christ’s Baptism — Part 2

by St. John Chrysostom Our father among the saints John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, was a notable Christian bishop and preacher from the fourth and fifth centuries in Syria and Constantinople. He is famous for eloquence in public speaking and his denunciation of abuse of authority in the Church and in the Roman Empire of […]