Holy Week Schedule 2018

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Through the Gospels in One Year Schedule

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Through the Bible One Year Schedule

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New Icons of Christ and the Theotokos Installed

The new icons of Christ and the Theotokos were installed this week. You will see them on the iconstasis (icon wall or screen) that divides the nave from the altar area. These icons were created by iconographer Anna Gouriev. From the Hexaemeron website: Anna Gouriev is a gifted iconographer who has had the rare advantage of growing up in the household of one of the world's most prominent icon painters, Ksenia (or Xenia) Pokrovsky, her mother. Exposed to icon painting from earliest childhood days in Moscow, Anna was surrounded by the steady coming and going of artists, theologians and … [Read more...]

Memorial Day 2016. Thank You. We Will Not Forget

MEMORIAL DAY 2016 We offer our heartfelt gratitude to our veterans. We honor the men and women who gave their lives. We will not forget. The following words are by Former President Ronald Reagan given at Arlington National Cemetery May 31, 1982. They eloquently express our gratitude and also reveal our responsibility to preserve the liberty for which so many of our soldiers died. In America's cities and towns today, flags will be placed on graves in cemeteries; public officials will speak of the sacrifice and the valor of those whose memory we honor. In 1863, when he dedicated a … [Read more...]

St. Peter Newsletter March 29, 2015 — Third Sunday of Lent / Veneration of the Holy Cross

Elevation of the Precious and Life Giving Cross Each of the Sundays of Great Lent has its own special theme. This Sunday's theme is that in the cross of Christ crucified lies both "the power of God and the wisdom of God" for those being saved (1 Cor 1:24). On this Sunday in the middle of the Lenten season, the cross stands in the middle of the church, not merely to remind the faithful of Christ's redemption and for them to keep the goal of their Lenten efforts, but also as a reminder: "He who does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me" (Mt 10:38). Historical … [Read more...]